Save IT.
Let Business Team Design Their UI.

IT developer, are you frustrated communicating with the business team?

Are you spending days and weeks creating systems that users don't appreciate?

Are you getting change requests on a daily basis?

Build Your Spreadsheet-driven Web App.

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User-built UI
The business team knows most about business logic and domain know-hows. And, it makes a lot more sense to let the business team design their UI than asking the IT staff to do so.
Easy as Excel
The business team designs the UI in Excel, and adds filters, formulas and conditional formattings in the same way they know. Best of all, the resulting Keikai App extends the intuitive Excel experience into Web, meaning zero learning curve.
Always in Sync
Users can access Keikai through modern browsers from anywhere at anytime, privately or collaborative with others in real-time. No Excel required, no plugin required.
No communication Cost & Lost
No more endless discussions between the business team and IT! No more change requests queues! The business team designs their UI and updates it as many times as they would like!
Low Code
Keikai brings in ready-to-use Excel features, 400+ formulas and 800+ locale and date formats. No UI framework required, zero CSS. And, as an IT developer, you focus more on page navigation and backend integration!
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