Our Story

Hi, I am Henri Chen, Co-Founder of Potix Corporation -- a privately held software company that owns and develops popular open source Java Web Framework ZK since 2005.

My team and I developed ZK Spreadsheet, one of the very first embeddable web spreadsheet components. It is trusted by Citigroup, Adobe, Nokia and more.

A Decade-long Journey

For 10 years, we have improved it to keep up with the ever-growing data of users like finance professionals, analysts, researchers and scientists. It was not until 2 years ago, we decided to rewrite everything. With a whole new architecture designed for providing fastest and best spreadsheet experiences to Web.

So here we are, proudly presenting to you
KeiKai — the best online spreadsheet for turning enterprise Excel sheets to Web apps.
We hope you will enjoy it.

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Potix Corporation


7F-2, No. 23, Sec. 1, Changan E. Road Taipei 104, Taiwan