news ยท Jan 5, 2021

Keikai 5.6.0 coming soon

Michelle Chen
Marketing, Keikai.

Dear all,

Keikai Spreadsheet is a modern & fast ajax web spreadsheet component that brings Excel functionalities into your web application.

Keikai 5.6.0 will come with more than 30 enhancements. We have enhanced our import compatibility and provided an easier way to trace formula precedents and dependents for both end-users and app developers. Developers can implement precedent and dependent trace features for the users while users can then identify data sources and check values easily.

Other highlighted features & improvements include:

  • KEIKAI-393 - provide a public API to get precedents and dependents of a formula
  • KEIKAI-396 - provide a developer-friendly way to access a cell's precedents and dependents
  • KEIKAI-397 - highlight the dependents / precedents of a cell
  • KEIKAI-371 - fix the issue: page up and page down don't work as expected
  • KEIKAI-377 - can render a sheet for ErrorEval.CIRCULAR_REF_ERROR
  • KEIKAI-388 - fix the issue: can't parse 2 double quotes in a formula
  • KEIKAI-389 - fix the issue: 2 double quotes cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in a specific formula length

We hope you find these enhancements useful to your project and highly recommend trying it out before official release.

Sneak peek here - specify latest version!

Feel free to provide us with your feedback. If you are new to Keikai feel free to drop us a note at [email protected].

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.