news · Aug 18, 2021

Keikai 5.8.0FL Ready for Testing!

Stella Wu
Marketing, Keikai.

Dear all,

The Keikai Spreadsheet is a modern & fast ajax web spreadsheet component that brings Excel functionalities into your web application.

With more than 40 enhancements, the Keikai 5.8.0 will be released in 2 weeks and a Freshly is now ready for testing.

Highlighted changes include adding a registration option for implementing custom functions, performance improvements when exporting massive formulas, adding DATEDIF() and circular reference, and enhacing external-referenced formulas.

New features include:

  • KEIKAI-253 - Exported Excel file should keep sheet tab color
  • KEIKAI-366 - A filter dropdown shows available items filtered by other enabled filters
  • KEIKAI-372 - When focusing a cell, scroll the cell at the first row
  • KEIKAI-401 - Sheet keeps the focus even after selecting another sheet
  • KEIKAI-439 - support DATEDIF excel function
  • KEIKAI-441 - Add a registration option in JAVA for user defined FreeRefFunction
  • KEIKAI-444 - Display an empty cell according to each chart's option
  • KEIKAI-453 - Supports Circular Reference for Iteration
  • KEIKAI-454 - Exporter can throw more specific information when exporting fails
  • KEIKAI-473 - Display a merged cell across frozen columns
  • KEIKAI-489 - Import and export "Protect Workbook"
  • KEIKAI-459 - Exporting massive formulas and named ranges takes a long time

Improvements include:

  • KEIKAI-323 - Can't resize keikai with Clients.resize()
  • KEIKAI-339 - render cells slowly after pasting lots of values
  • KEIKAI-435 - change zoom level produces an unexpected scrollbar
  • KEIKAI-438 - export a formula with an external reference incorrectly
  • KEIKAI-445 - cannot render a plain text comment
  • KEIKAI-447 - missing / cut off scrollbars in different browsers
  • KEIKAI-455 - Fail to import xls saved by Excel 2016
  • KEIKAI-456 - Missing right borders in the top frozen area
  • KEIKAI-457 - evaluating IF() produces a NullPointerException
  • KEIKAI-458 - font color filter doesn't work as expected
  • KEIKAI-461 - an empty chart causes keikai to stop working
  • KEIKAI-462 - improve the performance of formula dependent update
  • KEIKAI-468 - loading a file produces a javascript error Index out of range
  • KEIKAI-470 - change a percentage cell value but the value in the formula bar doesn't change accordingly
  • KEIKAI-471 - IFERROR returns incorrect value when referencing a cell
  • KEIKAI-472 - Clear Filter should be in disabled style when no criteria are selected
  • KEIKAI-476 - ISNUMBER returns FALSE for non-number result
  • KEIKAI-479 - SUMPRODUCT() in IF() doesn't return the expected result
  • KEIKAI-484 - import shared formulas incorrectly
  • KEIKAI-485 - a formula with nested colon operator causes a FormulaParseException
  • KEIKAI-486 - export a hidden sheet as a visible sheet
  • KEIKAI-487 - sheet protection password is lost after exporting
  • KEIKAI-488 - row height changes after exporting
  • KEIKAI-490 - "Empty" Chart object in sheet cause infinite loop at server-side, frozen page
  • KEIKAI-491 - clear filter is not disabled
  • KEIKAI-492 - rendering a chart throws null pointer exception
  • KEIKAI-493 - Fail to filter by color on an ipad
  • KEIKAI-495 - [demo: Excel Like] spreadsheet will break when insert/delete columns
  • KEIKAI-497 - keikai-jsf calls a non-existed function size()

We hope you find these enhancements useful to your project and highly recommend trying it out before official release.

While we have our own QA procedure before launching each Keikai release, each project may have different setup and different 3rd party libraries thus giving different result. So We strongly recommend you to test the freshly against your project.

If you noticed any side-effects, please let us know immediately for us to integrate required changes before releasing the official version!

Access Freshly:

Maven setup here - use the latesting version string available: 5.8.0.FL.20210824-Eval

Feel free to provide us with your feedback. If you are new to Keikai feel free to drop us a note at