training · Oct 15, 2020

[Live Training] Turn an Excel form into a Web app

Michelle Chen
Marketing, Keikai.

Keikai Spreadsheet is a modern & fast ajax web spreadsheet component that brings Excel functionalities into your web application. It is typically used for converting existing Excel files into web, integrating with DB and services, data processing, reporting and online collaboration.

Keikai Training Session on Oct 21st

This session is designed for Java developers interested in using Web Spreadsheet components. In this session we will be talking about how you can leverage Keikai and turn a data-collecting excel form into a secured and easy-to-share web app. Here are some of the highlights of the session:

Turn an Excel form into a Web app

Use Case: take vendor registration form as example

  • introduction
  • build form-like UI
  • retrieve user input
  • page navigation
  • populate data with named range

Training Details

  • Oct. 21st, 10am Central European Summer Time Check Your Timezone.
  • Limited seats. Sign Up Free Today!
  • If you are with a different timezone please sign up to ask for the recorded video.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to meeting you soon!