news · Dec 31, 2020

New Year Greeting

Michelle Chen
Marketing, Keikai.

Although the popular trend is to use new technologies and products, there is something that was invented decades ago and is still being loved by many people today – the spreadsheet. It is heavily used in finance, research and technology fields, favoured by users from students to the top experts in Wall Street. Spreadsheet allows users to calculate, organise and store data, and most important of all, analyze data without having to program.

Keikai was born to extend the reach of spreadsheets - creating an easy-to-share, secured, integrated and user friendly experience for both spreadsheet users and developers, and we are glad to have you with us during this journey.

In 2020, we officially launched Keikai 5. We proudly presented the new generation spreadsheet with simplified structure and major performance boosts in importing, filtering and functions, which involve major breakthroughs. During this year, several versions of Keikai were released steadily, providing customers and users a better and enhancing experience. Among the releases, here are a few highlighted features: Enhanced formula parser - now compatible with a wider range of Excel files, settings and formulas and is 100% faster when parsing complicated strings; Improved filter performance - trimming the filtering time down from 15 seconds to 1 second, against a large sheet containing tens of thousands of rows and hundreds of columns; and adding support for combination charts, sparklines, and mobile/tablet devices.

To better communicate with you, we held free training throughout the year. Many users joined our training then requested private conference calls to learn more about Keikai. We’ve also proactively invited users to talk to us and let us know their challenges and expectations. We believe that meeting users allows us to understand your cases better and thus help us to create a better product. Based on our users’ feedback, we created several new demos and hopefully they suit your use case. If not, feel free to schedule a session with us and let us know :)

Looking into 2021, we wish to continue bringing users and developers an even better experience with spreadsheets. We look forward to seeing more creative developers and users making the best out of Keikai and shine their spreadsheets around the world!

Happy New Year and all the best in 2021!