news · Mar 11, 2021

Case Study: Soagen

Jean Yen
Marketing, Keikai.

About Soagen

Soagen, based off Ankara, Turkey, provides software solutions and services for corporates and large-scale projects.

Keikai x Soagen

We use Keikai in a large JSF-based enterprise resource management software. The challenge of this project was the unplanned Cost Module. It involves Excel files consist of more than 20 sheets with many complex tables and cross-referenced formulas and the client wanted this to be included in the resource management software. While we were searching for a solution we found Keikai spreadsheet which saved our lives :-).

"If we do this from scratch with JSF textboxes and other input components, the project will take at least 3 months longer... (With Keikai) It took us approximately 1 week only to embed the client’s Excel files into the application."

"Since our expertise is Java, Keikai has been a good fit. We were able to control Keikai with Java easily."

"The business users love the embedded Keikai spreadsheet in the application because they can write/change formulas within the software directly in the same spreadsheet way they are familiar with."

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