usecase · Apr 1, 2020

One Stop Service: Embed Excel into your ERP

Jean Yen
Marketing, Keikai.

There are many systems like ERP and CRM that generate Excel reports for budgeting, inventory, planning or anything that has to do with numbers. However, often we need to tweak the data a bit, label it, or add notes, and when this happens we have to manually download the Excel file, open it up in our Excel-ready computer, edit, save and upload back to the ERP.

Traditional Workflow

This is not a big deal, really, but there are potential issues arising from the process. First of all, during the manual download/upload process it's possible that a wrong file was selected and uploaded -- you know, these files often have a similar name. Secondly these reports are generated monthly if not weekly or daily, meaning such manual operation happens repeatedly, it is not just a one-time effort. Furthermore, this process has to be done in a Excel-ready computer, it is not just a matter of convenience but also a cost consideration.

What if everything can be done in the same system, without having to manually download and upload?

New Workflow

By integrating Keikai spreadsheet into your ERP or other applications, no more upload/download is needed. You can directly edit the spreadsheet within your system in the same browser, in the same familiar way as using Excel. You can even use the same Excel template that you have been working with. It can be accessed from any computer that has browser access to your ERP or system -- no Excel required.

Furthermore, once it is in the same system, data can be populated directly from the system or database, minimizing the need for manual editing. You can focus only on the data that has been changed.

Benefits embedding spreadsheet into ERP

After a long drive, getting off the highway for a break, I would definitely expect a gas station that comes with a restroom and a convenience store; rather than having to stop multiple times for different purposes. Same here -- integrating Excel functionalities into your system is just like providing a one stop service for your users. It preserves the end user experience, raises the efficiency and lowers the risks of manual error when downloading / uploading files externally.

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